When Remarkable Things Begin to Happen

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“#1 Bestselling Author” – That’s an achievement I couldn’t possibly have hoped to reach even just a few years ago. But it has just happened, because I had the right support, because God was in the midst of it all, and also because I was ready. As Bishop Michael Curry wrote in his foreword for Voice Unleashed: Speaking Up with Faith and Courage,


“When we dare to follow (God’s) call and unleash our voice, then remarkable things begin to happen.”


Have you ever felt a calling to do something? Like once the idea is planted in your head it’s not even your choice, just something you HAVE to do, and as you are accomplishing it you absolutely KNOW it’s your purpose? It’s a great feeling! When you are living and speaking up in alignment with your mission, your authentic voice becomes unleashed.


From the moment I first had a notion to write this book I have felt called to the purpose of seeing it through to publication and getting it out into the world. I have received confirmation that I was on the right path on multiple occasions throughout the writing process, most recently when Voice Unleashed reached #1 Bestseller and #1 Hot New Release on Amazon in its category within the first 48 hours of its launch!


Here’s how that came to be. The day before the launch, I happened to look on Amazon, and Voice Unleashed had already reached the #1 Hot New Release status. By the time I was ending the live broadcast of my virtual launch party the next night, it had reached #2 on the Bestseller list. This was exciting, yet hard to believe! Later that night as I was lying in bed, still running on adrenaline and not able to sleep, I felt a nudge to get out of bed and check Amazon. I went to my book’s page and there it was – #1 Bestseller!


I am beyond grateful for the people who bought the book to help me achieve this #1 ranking. It is an amazing experience to feel the love and support from the people in my network of family and friends. But I wouldn’t be able to experience this feeling of extreme gratitude if I hadn’t been ready to speak up through sharing my stories and insights in the book. That’s what this book is about – how to prepare for and be ready for what’s possible when we find our calling to begin using our voices for good.


Much of my having the faith and courage to write this book occurred over the last four and a half years as I found my voice and started to live my purpose. But all of my life’s experiences – good and bad – collectively have equipped me for this stage in my life.


The same is true for you. Your “voice” consists of everything that has happened to you and through you. It is uniquely yours, with a story and a message only you are equipped to share, with an audience only you have access to, and with the physical characteristics that give your voice its own sound. You may not have realized it yet, but your voice is ready to make an impact. The question is are you ready to use it? Are you ready to witness the remarkable things that can and will happen when you unleash your voice?


My prayer is that you and others who read Voice Unleashed will find the faith and courage to speak up in your lives, whatever form that takes, wherever and whenever your voice is needed.


If you are feeling stuck but know you are ready for remarkable things to start happening in your life, I wrote Voice Unleashed for you. You can purchase your own copy on Amazon or through other online booksellers such as Barnes & Noble.


Your voice is a beautiful and powerful instrument, just waiting to be unleashed!

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  1. I have known Helen for several years now, and I have seen her blossom in the last year or so. It shows in your voice and also in your body language. I think that readers will benefit from your book and applying what you learned to their own lives.

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