Relaunching in the New Era of Communication

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Things are still tough out there with ongoing social distancing measures in place due to the coronavirus. Like you, I’ve had to pivot to make my business work in this new season. It’s more of a new era, really, especially when it comes to the prevalence and necessity of online communication. While my new slogan Speak Up with HEART was originally designed with face-to-face communication in mind, it also serves as a winning strategy for professionals and peers to succeed in a virtual world where their voice means business more than ever.

The truth is that no matter how quickly we shed the threat of COVID19, the cat is out of the proverbial bag as far as remote working goes. Companies, organizations, and institutions are realizing that working from home is efficient, practical, and more cost-effective than the way we have traditionally done business. This new normal of digital interaction is here to stay, and that means the things that used to work for professionals in the workplace may not be as effective as they once were. New skills must be learned to thrive online.

But how? Now we must all learn to master how to Speak Up with HEART as our social, networking, and business interactions evolve. Speaking up with HEART means communicating effectively with each of the following principles:

H onesty – It’s not enough to just “tell the truth.” You must tell “your” truth. Being vulnerable with your strengths and limitations is paramount to an honest collaboration. It allows us to be more accurate with the facts, admitting when things aren’t what we want them to be. Developing this set of skills can be tremendously challenging as we create more transparency in our online lives.   

E mpathy – Compassion builds trust and allows us to become better leaders. When we learn how to stop judging and begin meeting our collaborators where they are, using their perspective, we can more effectively communicate and break through the walls that are keeping us from peak performance.

A lignment – Realizing your own value is important to confidence because your value will define what you will allow in your life. Learning how to align your value & values with the resources you have to work with will allow you to create opportunities you never saw possible before.

R esolve – When we speak with intention, we can reach further than when we are just figuring things out along the way. A ship floating without a rutter will never reach its destination. Through higher purpose and clarity of what we want to achieve, we will be bolder in our actions and accomplish more in less time.

T one – It’s not just what you say, but how you say it. Your tone allows you to reassure, inspire, persuade, and lead when words alone aren’t enough. Focusing on the timber, inflection, and energy you emit allows you to have a greater impact than ever before.

What does this new relaunch look like exactly and what makes our mission different from before? As we shift from less in-person interactions to more Zoom, skype, and other online platforms, the way we sound, how we project, and how we show up online will dictate how people perceive us and the influence we have in the workplace. 

I’m #Readyin2020 to Speak Up with HEART – no matter what. Are you? 

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