Speak Boldly, Bravely, and Beautifully in Every Situation

Make Your Voice Mean Business®

"I love Helen's course! I have been speaking and facilitating for more than 10 years and had come to a point of wanting to take my presentation to the next level. Helen's course did that very quickly, I saw in the video so many things I did wrong and frankly had never even thought were issues in communicating well and with confidence. I followed up with private coaching with Helen and she has helped me transform my style to be both authentic and professional achieving my goals and then some. Thank you Helen."

-Shawna Q.

Do you feel at ease in every speaking situation?

How confident are you when introducing yourself, describing what you do, or asking for a sale? Are you missing business opportunities out of fear, or because you’re not able to connect with your target audience when you speak to them?

Here is a reason to get excited!

Helen has the solution.

You have something to say that is important and deserves to be communicated in a CONFIDENT, POWERFUL, and even LUCRATIVE way. Up until now, you have succumbed to nerves, self-doubt, and fear that keep your authentic voice from being heard. It’s also possible that your voice itself could be undermining your efforts.

What you'll learn:

Make a Positive Impact

Control and project the sound of your voice to make a positive impact when you speak.

Build Meaningful Connections

Confidently introduce yourself at events in an engaging and memorable way.

Leverage Your Voice

Leverage your voice as your #1 (and free) sales and marketing POWER TOOL and position yourself for increased income.

Course Price $347.00