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“This is a book worth reading…” 

Bishop Michael B. Curry

Author of Love is the Way: Holding onto Hope in Troubling Times

“The perfect book club discussion text…”

Marcey Rader

Author of Work Well. Play More! Productive, Clutter-Free, Healthy Living – One Step at a Time

“A must-read to change your life…”

Barbara Hemphill

Author of Less Clutter More Life: A Life’s Teachings

It took almost 50 years for Helen Moses to discover that the confidence, freedom, and validation she was searching for had been within her the whole time, just waiting to be unleashed.

This transformational collection of stories, insights, and reflective questions will give you an intimate look into Helen’s sometimes desperate journey to validate her value while being a woman of faith, mother, wife, super-volunteer, closet clutter-collector, and new entrepreneur. Voice Unleashed reveals what can happen when a woman lets go of what no longer serves her, embraces her faith, and finds the courage to speak up for what matters, aligned with the inherent value, joy, and divine light hidden deep inside her heart.

You are not alone in your struggle to validate your value and find your voice. In these pages you will learn actionable steps to:

  • Reclaim the value and power buried deep inside you
  • Trust in your heart that you are and have always been worthy
  • Find the faith and courage to use your authentic voice
  • Declare your values and know what you stand for
  • Effectively allocate your given resources
  • Align your words with your actions and your value

Abandon the burdens of guilt, shame, and fear

Voice Unleashed – Speaking Up with Faith and Courage offers hope for anyone who is tired of feeling inconsequential and is ready to ignite the fire deep within her, let her light shine, use her voice with confidence, and conquer the next phase of her life with a clear purpose that matters. It’s time to amplify your life’s divine purpose.

If you find yourself wondering if your voice is relevant, or questioning what to do with your life that will make a difference, Voice Unleashed lays out clear strategies for abandoning fear and embracing faith so you can be free to speak your truth and live a life of purpose that is aligned with God’s plan for you.

About Helen Moses

Helen Moses is a fierce mother, successful business owner, and committed leader in her local congregation, but it wasn’t always that way. In 1996 after finishing her graduate degree, she was working in her dream field as a speech-language pathologist helping people recover from strokes and brain injuries. A chronic people-pleaser, she identified with them as they had similarly lost their power to speak up for themselves, albeit for different reasons. Soon after she first became a mother, she retired from her professional career and dedicated the next 12 years to raising a beautiful family with her husband and living a life of faith and service in her community. In addition to volunteer roles in her church and her children’s schools, she was an instrumental member and active leader of Toastmasters International within the state of North Carolina.

But by prioritizing taking care of others, she realized she was putting her personal self aside and it began to feel like she wasn’t fully accepting the calling that God gave her, a mission to amplify the voices of the voiceless, overlooked, and unheard—starting with herself. Using her faith as an instrument for her mission, she formed her own business in 2013, and since then has become a sought out coach, trainer, and speaker who has worked with TEDx and Fortune companies.

Today Helen leverages her faith, passion, and the gifts God has granted her to help the world better communicate with each other and Speak Up with Heart® to live a more harmonious and purposeful life. She has a son in college and currently lives with her husband, daughter, and two cats in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Praise for
Voice Unleashed: Speaking Up with Faith and Courage

“Helen’s story is not uncommon. In my forties, I actually ended up in a mental hospital, feeling that my life was not worth living. I thought that no one else felt the way I did. But the truth is God is with us! You will want to keep this book nearby for those inevitable days when you feel discouraged, and life feels overwhelming, or as a gift for others feeling defeated and helpless. The world needs Helen’s powerful message.”

“Voice Unleashed is a walk with Helen Moses and how she found her voice in multiple areas of her life. Whether it is discussing her religious beliefs, feeling inadequate for being a stay-at-home mom, affirming her value in her business, or setting boundaries and saying no, every woman will be able to see a little of themselves in Helen. She touches on topics that people don’t want to admit to, from physical and digital clutter, financial insecurities, and religion, to raising kids with health issues. The questions at the end are ripe for a book club discussion group. I’ve already found myself using some of them with my husband.”

“Helen is a force to be reckoned with. Her clarity, self conviction, and commitment to pure excellence make this an unmatchable read. Page by page she walks you through the truth, her truth in finding her voice and becoming the powerful kickass woman she is today. Don’t sleep on this read; put it on your MUST list and then gift another with a copy. This read will change everything you think you know about the power in your voice and will be the catalyst for you not only finding it, but owning your voice too.”

“Rooted in an abundant Christian spirituality, and well founded in the social sciences as well, Helen Moses has spoken a true word in her book, Voice Unleashed. A truly helpful book for anyone seeking to grow into their fuller stature and develop greater awareness, purpose and confidence, Voice Unleashed deserves a place in anyone’s small library of books for the journey.”

“Voice Unleashed is required reading for those seeking to speak with truth and live with divine purpose. Having recently become an ‘empty nester,’ I was floundering without a direction or specific voice. Helen shares her life stories and growth with candor and vulnerability. She is relatable and I saw remnants of myself on nearly every page. The tools I gained from this book have emboldened me to live with new bravery and clearer purpose.”

“Voice Unleashed is a must-read for those who are ready to move into a position of power within self. An impactful book written brilliantly. Helen uses her own stories and journey to help you feel empowered to find your value and voice. Before you know it, you are off on a self-renewing journey, as if she is right there with you, gently nudging and encouraging. With each turn of the page, you step into owning all of who you are, without apology. Conquering fears, finding your value, and then unleashing your voice to a true freedom.”

“We have all felt it . . . living vicariously through someone’s writing. We view the stunning peaks at the end of a mountain trek, sharing in the exhaustion and exhilaration, or feeling enveloped in fear, love, or triumph as if we were experiencing these feelings for ourselves. Certainly, this is a testament to an author’s descriptive prose and skill in sharing perspective. Helen’s book, Voice Unleashed, took me on a journey of discovery that created that same connection. Her authenticity created a place for empathy and growth, a gut-wrenching familiarity to feelings of fear and uncertainty, but a recognition that the path was safe, insuring self-determination and enlightenment as we challenge ourselves to ‘Live Out Loud.’”

“I found myself nodding my head in recognition from the moment I began reading Helen’s book. Helen has a gift for connecting us to the root of our self-doubt. Your details may be different; however, many of us have grown up without valuing our precious selves. She speaks with truth, honesty, and love about her own journey in order to provide us with clear, concise strategies to help us first recognize and then claim our value, align with our Truth, step fully into our radiance, and unleash our own voice. Helen shows us how our voice mirrors our value.”

“Sometimes it takes an outside voice to guide us to listen to our own. With Voice Unleashed, Helen Moses demonstrates the power and freedom that comes from honoring our God-given voice within. Her story is a beautiful example of living true to our faith, our value, and our values. The simple, but powerful Align, Abandon, Amplify process she outlines makes honoring our own voice within reach for all of us.”

“The path to living with an unleashed voice can be confusing and difficult. Helen shares her journey with a level of compassion and grace that causes the reader to see ways that we have not been using our voice; at the same time it encourages us to start. This book is a heartfelt and practical contribution to anyone on a self discovery journey.”

“Most people don’t reveal their foibles and fears so readily, but Helen is simply one of the most genuine and transparent human beings I’ve ever met. She is both astute and vulnerable at the same time, allowing us to see into the window of her soul through her writing. Her story is one of small victories, then stubbing your toe, finding faith, rinse-repeat and discovering yourself (and your voice) in the process. I am inspired by Helen’s ‘unleashed’ story and honored to be asked to capture that moment in a work of art! I proudly recommend this book to anyone seeking to ‘live life out loud!’”

“Helen’s writing is warm and direct, full of humor and heart. Through each story Helen shares in Voice Unleashed, I felt heard, understood, and validated—and not alone. As a professional woman who often struggles with feelings of anxiety, overwhelm, and not being enough for everyone, the transformational principles I learned in this book released me from the fear of being imperfect and brought me an abundance of peace. If you buy one book this season, make it this one.”

“Helen is an amazingly kindhearted person that speaks truth and allows herself to be vulnerable. In her new book, Voice Unleashed: Speaking Up with Faith and Courage, Helen challenges you to allow your voice to be heard without guilt or shame, unleashing that which has been holding you back. I encourage you to read this book with fresh eyes so your true and authentic self can come out, then embrace what God will do next when you find that courage to move past your fears.”

Copyright 2021 © Helen Moses

Praise for
Voice Unleashed: Speaking Up with Faith and Courage