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I don’t know about you, but there have been at least a few days in the last 20 months that left me feeling like there wasn’t much to celebrate. Between the pain, fear, and division; climate disasters, unsolicited isolation, and more, it seems like icky vibes have been all around us. Besides, with all the Covid restrictions in place, the ways in which we could normally celebrate just haven’t been the same.  


But make no mistake, there are still things in our lives worth celebrating!


People are still stepping up, still getting married, having babies, getting promoted, retiring, starting businesses, giving TEDx talks, running 5Ks, and achieving many other milestones… 


Meanwhile, some of us have also been experiencing challenges like anxiety and depression, either first-hand or through someone close to us, and in these cases milestones are measured in baby steps.

And they are worth celebrating too! Some days a victory looks like getting out of bed and spending a few minutes in another room. Or even washing our hair. 


No matter what we are going through, however, when we are in-tune, life can still be full of occasions to celebrate. We only have to look and pause long enough to reflect on what has been accomplished, no matter how small those wins may seem.


One thing this pandemic has reinforced for me personally is how so many of us are out of practice when it comes to celebrating in our lives, especially when it comes to using our voices in a celebratory way. 

Although we may not be able to choose our circumstances, we can choose when and how to speak up when we need to – when to get help, and when to celebrate. We can choose to honor and support each other in hard times and in good times. We can celebrate together. And with practice, we can shine brighter and spread messages of love and hope.


So, what are you celebrating? I’d love to know! It’s important to take some time to reflect and feel good about what you’ve been able to achieve.


I have a few things I’m celebrating right now, and I’d love it if you shared in them with me…


One of the things in my life that I’m most excited about celebrating is the one-year anniversary of the publication of my first book, Voice Unleashed: Speaking Up with Faith and Courage. (Wow – I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year!) But even beyond that, I’m also celebrating the audiobook version that’s now been released and is available on the major audiobook platforms. 🙂


I believe it’s important to celebrate this momentous occasion publicly, not just with the family and friends who participated on this journey to make the audiobook possible, but with anyone who needs a little more laughter and love in their life. There is power that comes from surrounding yourself with those who can share in and possibly take from our wins so that they can carry that energy into their own lives and manifest more things to celebrate. 


My family and community of collaborators are celebrating the audiobook together, but we are also celebrating CELEBRATION! For all of us! 


Thanks to Covid and the development of amazing connecting technologies like Zoom, my network has expanded across and outside of the US in the past year and a half, with a significant number of new friends in Canada. (Shout out to an amazing online networking group I’ve joined called CIBN Connect for that!) I consider it a silver lining to the situation we’ve all found ourselves in these last difficult months. That’s why I’m having a virtual party, and it’s really important to me that you’re invited to be a part of it! 


I’ll be hosting this party over Zoom on Monday November 8th from 7-8pm EST (which happens to be my own birthday – another reason I want to celebrate with everyone), and I really want you to come.


We will be hanging out, networking, enjoying each other’s company, talking about audiobooks and the process I went through to bring Voice Unleashed to life in that format (and getting it on Audible, iTunes, & Amazon – just in case you’d like to do the same for yourself!). But beyond just what I’ve been working toward during the pandemic, we will also be celebrating everyone’s accomplishments together. 


You’ll have a chance to share books you’ve written, programs you’ve developed, ideas you’ve been cultivating, and anything else you may be celebrating – nothing is too small! We are celebrating the act of celebrating!

**You are invited to BYOCB (Bring your own celebratory beverage) and most importantly, BYOC (Bring your own cake)!

I am planning some fun activities and will have some great gifts to give away to party-goers as well.


I hope you can join me. Feel free to invite a friend who is ready to celebrate with a group of loving, supportive people. 


Don’t be shy – Register here!


And don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions – because I’m always here for you. Never be afraid to use your voice and speak up – especially with me. 😉 

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  1. Sorry to miss it, Helen, but I have my writer’s group that evening.
    But I’d like to celebrate — we had two weddings this October and my book, Andromache’s Story : What Really Happened in Troy, was published on October 29th.

    What a wonderful but busy fall!

    Thanks for organizing, I wish I could attend.

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