I Hired a Virtual Assistant – Here’s What Happened

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If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you own a small business. And if you own a small business, then your efficiency may very well be suffering because of the large workload. That certainly was the case for me!

I absolutely know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed and have so many projects going on at once. It can be difficult to prioritize everything and take care of all the tasks that need to get done for your company. That is why hiring a virtual assistant was right for me and may be right for you too.

What is a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is someone who provides administrative and personal support remotely. This can include anything from planning events to assisting with social media management, email correspondence, data entry, and other clerical work.

I needed help with a lot of things, which is why I chose to reach out to iWorker, a really great company that connects individuals and organizations in need of talent with skilled remote professionals from developing countries. They helped me get in touch with Elizabeth, from Kenya, who has taken a lot of things off my plate and allowed me to focus on growing my business.

In fact, having Elizabeth on my team has added value beyond just helping me in my business. I have found a trusted friend from across the world and our relationship makes me richer as a person. We are always looking forward to our weekly catch-up and project-reviewing meetings on Thursdays. We now keep up with some of the things going on in each other’s lives and are learning about each other’s cultures. We have even set a goal of each of us visiting the other one day! Elizabeth’s strong skills and background in communication and research have opened up my mind to ideas and strategies I would not have thought of on my own. I am so grateful to iWorker and to Elizabeth. What a blessing!

How a virtual assistant has transformed my business

  1. Increased productivity:
    A virtual assistant can do all the tasks that many of us cannot seem to get around to without help: setting appointments, replying to emails, and managing social media profiles, among other administrative jobs. With the additional time now on my hands, I get to focus on the parts of my business that I really enjoy and require my personal attention, such as working with clients and expanding my network.
  2. Better health:
    Having a virtual assistant has also allowed me to prioritize my health. Not only do I have increased productivity in my business, but I also now have more time to do the things that I enjoy. Entrepreneurs, in particular, need the occasional downtime to relax and find inspiration.
  3. Lower costs:
    Since virtual assistants work remotely, you don’t have to worry about finding office space, buying equipment, and all the other things that in-office staff need. While you can always make things easier for them, they are mostly responsible for their own setup.
  4. Job creation:
    Many virtual assistants come from countries that have been affected by multiple crises. I believe that talent can be found everywhere, but opportunity is often in short supply. By hiring a virtual assistant, you get to help them earn an honest wage and enjoy a better life.

I’m very grateful that iWorker has connected me with Elizabeth and I know if they helped us find each other, they can do the same for others. So If you ever feel like you are overwhelmed, stretched too thin, or just need another set of virtual helping hands, hiring a virtual assistant may be the right choice for you. And if that is the case, please consider speaking to the amazing team at iWorker first! They have done an exceptional job matching my needs with a great virtual assistant.

Just click here* to get connected with someone from their team. If you have any questions for me about my experience, give me a call at 919-88-SPEAK (919-887-7325).

Wishing you many hours of productivity, growth, and balance. 🙂

Yours Out Loud,

Helen Moses

*This is an affiliate link, which means that at no additional cost to you, iWorker may provide me with financial compensation if you sign up.

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