How Will You Celebrate World Voice Day on April 16, 2022

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Occupational or professional voice users, how will YOU celebrate the upcoming World Voice Day (WVD) on April 16, 2022?

WVD is a day set aside so that the entire world can celebrate our incredible voices. For those of you who depend on your voice to make a living, you may already know the boundless limits of the human voice. In case you don’t, here’s a list of five things you may not know about the human voice:

  1. There’s a theory by Researchers at the National Center for Voice and Speech that singing stems more from the right hemisphere of the brain, while speaking is more from the left hemisphere. It’s believed that this is why some people who, after a stroke, can’t speak but are still able to sing. – Discover Magazine
  2. Women’s vocal folds perform twice as often as men’s (one million oscillatory cycles a day versus half a million).*
  3. The sound of each person’s voice is entirely unique. No two people have the same exact voice sound.
  4. The human voice is considered to be the most incredible melodic instrument because of its ability to instantly translate thoughts and feelings into sound.
  5. Xóõ, mostly spoken in Botswana, is the most complex language in the world. English has only 20 distinct sounds but Xóõ has 112.

Those are only five incredible things about your voice. There’s not enough time and space in this blog to list the hundreds of reasons to celebrate the human voice. Just about everyone uses their voice daily, but for you, occupational/professional voice users who depend on your vocal cords for a living, World Voice Day gives you an extra special reason to celebrate. Here are a few occupational voice users:

Your passion and profession is appreciated by all. From you, we get to learn, be entertained, and so much more. As you already know, it’s extremely important for you to make sure that you try to avoid and reduce vocal problems. It can be easy to misuse or abuse your voice because of overuse. However, overusing isn’t the only thing that can affect your voice and its health. Vocal issues can also be caused by physiologic changes such as hormone fluctuations, allergens/environmental exposure, prescription drug side effects, and other health issues like acute infectious laryngitis, acid reflux disease (GERD), and benign vocal fold masses.

Your voice is a God-given instrument that is capable of creating a vast and infinite variety of sounds that can even express your emotions. Its ability to convey messages of love and unity allows it to be an advocate for yourself and others. It is an exquisite, priceless musical instrument.

And just like a musical instrument such as a trumpet or piano, your voice needs care to stay in good working condition. Life can turn on a dime and cause a person’s voice to be taken away instantly. Don’t take your voice for granted! Here are some tips to take care of your voice: stay hydrated, avoid screaming, and speak with diaphragm support so that you don’t tighten the muscles in your neck when you speak more loudly or intensely.

As you can see, your voice is an incredible yet intricate tool whether you use your voice professionally or to communicate on a daily personal basis. There is much to celebrate on the upcoming World Voice Day, April 16, 2022!

So back to my question at the beginning of this blog: How will you be celebrating World Voice Day? As a professional voice coach, trainer and speaker, I know I have a lot to be thankful for and to celebrate. I will celebrate what I’ve been through and who I am becoming, and how my voice is at the heart of it all. You can read my personal story here:

I’m also going to celebrate my wonderful clients who, like you, use their voices daily in their jobs and in their personal lives. They are learning how to speak from the heart and effectively express what’s on their minds to others. Their lives are changing in great ways because of this. You, too, can learn to use your unique voice to communicate powerfully, confidently, and in the way that only you can. Contact me to learn how to speak out loud and from the heart whether it’s on the stage, in the boardroom, or in everyday conversations.

I’d love to hear from you and see if I can help you be able to express what’s on your mind and in your heart so others will listen and understand fully. Just book a quick “How Do I Sound?” session with me ( and we’ll connect.

Yours Out Loud,
Helen Moses

* (Jan G. Svec et al, ‘Vocal Dosimetry: Theoretical and Practical Issues’, in G. Schade et al, eds., Proceeding Papers for the Conference, Advances in Qualitative Laryngology, Voice and Speech Research (Stuttgart: IRB Verlag, 2003).

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  1. Our voices are indeed amazing and they tell so much about us! As a voice over talent I get to use my voice to convey many types of messages to impact the listeners. Thank you for sharing.


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