When Helen speaks,

People Listen.

That was not always the case.

I felt like I didn't matter. Like I was irrelevant.

I felt unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

I lost my voice.

I found my heart.


From the outside, my life looked like the perfect American Dream.

Happy marriage, two kids (a boy and a girl), and two cats. House, cars, and all the things a family needs these days. Due to my husband’s career success, I was able to focus on being a full-time mom.

Before we had children, I had my own career. I was a speech-language pathologist, working with stroke and brain injury survivors who had lost their voice both literally and metaphorically. It was fulfilling work. Daily, I witnessed them struggle to communicate and daily, I helped them regain their voice.

When so many women have to juggle careers and motherhood, I was truly grateful to be able to raise my children and be available for them 24/7. But after years of that I began to feel trapped. I was removed from the world. In my mind, and in much of society’s mind, my value was measured in how much income I earned. And although being a mother is more than a full-time job, without an earned paycheck, I felt I didn’t measure up. To make matters worse, I was given a monthly check for household expenses by my husband, which made me feel like I was a child receiving an allowance. It was demeaning.

Being “treated” as a child brought up a whole slew of childhood baggage. Growing up, I was always an authority-pleaser believing that my value was dictated by my ability to please others. I even tried singing and performing to gain desired praise. I worked very hard to appear perfect and not feel rejected. I worried I would never measure up.

Again and again, they surfaced…feelings of being unfulfilled, dissatisfied, and worthless—because I wasn’t measuring up.

Then something extraordinary happened.

After 20-years of employment with the same company, my husband James was laid off.

James’ hardship gave me the perfect opportunity to go back into the workforce as a speech therapist. I felt like Wonder Woman…saving the day for my family and myself. I felt needed. I felt valuable. AND I would be able to make my own money!

And the work! I was on cloud nine thinking about the difference I would make. I had forgotten how rewarding, impactful, and gratifying the work was, even if it was just part-time. I had forgotten why I became a speech-language pathologist in the first place. It was because I wanted to help others, who like me, couldn’t express themselves the way they wanted to. Ironically, however, despite being a licensed speech therapist, accomplished singer, full-time mom, supportive wife, and dedicated and respected community volunteer with a black belt in Taekwondo…my years away from work had led me back, as in childhood, to disregard my self-worth, trying to please everybody else, and suppressing my voice. I applied for multiple speech therapy jobs, but didn’t get hired. Perhaps they could sense my lack of confidence.

But remembering the pain and frustration
real loss of voice caused, I vowed this time around,
I would NEVER take my voice for granted again!

Armed with a bigger mission than myself, I was not going to be stopped. I had tasted the freedom of knowing my value and worth and was not willing to let it go. There were people who needed me. So, I took matters into my own hands…

I started my own business as a voice coach.

Owning a company has been both a huge learning curve and a blessing. I have discovered so much about myself in the process, and now I am a different person. Gaining confidence in myself, deciding to honor my vow, and being able to speak up with what I have in my heart has improved everything. God created me with a unique purpose and gifts to accomplish it. Because I exist, I am valuable just as I am. I am enough. (And so are you.)

In my years as a voice coach, I have touched thousands of people online and in person, helping them tap into their value and claim the power of their voice. I know I am doing what I was created to do, and that brings me great satisfaction and joy.

Whether you want to speak better on stages, in board rooms or in everyday conversations, you can do it! I would love to help you find your voice, (re)claim your power, and achieve your goals.

Let’s Speak Up with Heart® together.

Much love and blessings,

Helen’s Credentials

Helen Moses, Voice & Communication Specialist and TEDx Speaker Coach, launched her first coaching business in 2013. Through her current company, Speak Up Communications, Helen’s clients benefit from her 30 years of extensive training and experience as a singer, speech-language pathologist, Distinguished Toastmaster, and church and community leader.

Helen holds a bachelor’s degree in vocal performance from Rhodes College and a master’s degree in speech-language pathology from East Carolina University. She directed a children’s choir for 12 years and has been a choir member and featured soloist for over 35 years.

An accomplished and sought-out speaker, coach, and trainer who has spoken to Fortune 1000 companies, Helen helps her audiences and clients change their lives through speaking up and speaking to connect—empowering leaders in business and life to speak up with confidence—whether in meetings, on the phone, over video, or in difficult conversations.

Want to speak better on stage, in board rooms, on the phone, and in everyday conversations?

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Helen’s trainings will help you find your voice, (re)claim your power, and reach your dreams.
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