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Former speech-language pathologist Helen Moses worked with stroke and brain injury survivors who had lost the power of speech and language. Witnessing them struggle to communicate, she vowed to never take her voice for granted again.

Once an authority-pleaser who worried about saying the wrong thing out of fear of rejection, Helen now speaks confidently from her heart. She has trained hundreds of professionals and individuals to tap into the power of communicating from their heart by speaking up on stages, in the board room, and in everyday conversations.

It Starts With
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Don't lose revenue or miss out
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It took almost 50 years for Helen Moses to discover that the confidence, freedom, and validation she was searching for had been within her the whole time, just waiting to be unleashed.

This transformational collection of stories, insights, and reflective questions will give you an intimate look into Helen’s sometimes desperate journey to validate her value

Kathy Nall, PHR, Senior Vice President and Director of Human Resources, North State Bank

“Helen’s customized training always meets the needs of our customer-facing population by maximizing both our voice and our messaging—ensuring they communicate well.”

Keith Gabriel, Economic Development Specialist

“With Helen’s help, my confidence, delivery, and personality have improved and I have started getting compliments on my presentation skills.”

Nancy Loeffler, Owner of Being with Grief, Author

“I grew up with a severe stutter and always worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell my story. Helen helped me gain confidence and taught me how to connect with my audience through emotion. I now enjoy telling my story on stages.”

Want to speak better in the board room, in phone and video meetings, and in everyday conversations?

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Helen’s trainings will help you find your voice, (re)claim your power, and reach your dreams.
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