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About Helen Moses

Helen Moses is a fierce mother, successful business owner, and committed leader in her local congregation, but it wasn’t always that way. In 1996 after finishing her graduate degree, she was working in her dream field as a speech-language pathologist helping people recover from strokes and brain injuries. A chronic people-pleaser, she identified with them as they had similarly lost their power to speak up for themselves, albeit for different reasons. Soon after she first became a mother, she retired from her professional career and dedicated the next 12 years to raising a beautiful family with her husband and living a life of faith and service in her community. In addition to volunteer roles in her church and her children’s schools, she was an instrumental member and active leader of Toastmasters International within the state of North Carolina.

But by prioritizing taking care of others, she realized she was putting her personal self aside and it began to feel like she wasn’t fully accepting the calling that God gave her, a mission to amplify the voices of the voiceless, overlooked, and unheard—starting with herself. Using her faith as an instrument for her mission, she formed her own business in 2013, and since then has become a sought out coach, trainer, and speaker who has worked with TEDx and Fortune companies.

Through her company Speak Up Communications, Helen now leverages her faith, passion, and the gifts God has granted her to help the world better communicate with each other and Speak Up with Heart® to live a more harmonious and purposeful life. She has a son in college and currently lives with her husband, daughter, and two cats in Raleigh, North Carolina.