A Transformational Voice Coaching Experience

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Tired of feeling nervous when you communicate?
Done with worrying about looking foolish when you speak up?
Ready to use your voice with confidence and clarity in any situation?
Amplify is a groundbreaking monthly personal-development membership that helps participants learn and practice the skills leaders need to get real results when they communicate, whether at home or in the office. Helen Moses, TEDx coach and nationally recognized professional speech trainer will lead you through training and real world applications of the knowledge that will allow you to explore your inner powerful voice in a safe setting.

Why does your "Voice" matter so much?

Your voice isn’t just how loud you are, though that can play a role in how you are perceived. Your “voice” is actually the combination of all the different aspects of you as a whole person and how you are valued, understood, or “heard” by those around you.

If it seems like you have to get visibly upset before others will “hear” you, they’re not hearing your voice.

Every time someone habitually doesn’t honor a commitment, it’s because they aren’t respecting your voice.

If you get passed over for recognition or promotions for the hard work you are doing, they’re not valuing your voice.

Amplify your voice. Amplify your life!

It's time to Speak Up with Heart®

with Helen Moses Coach

Former speech-language pathologist Helen Moses worked with stroke and brain injury survivors who had lost the power of speech and language. Witnessing them struggle to communicate, she vowed to never take her voice for granted again.

Once an authority-pleaser who worried about saying the wrong thing out of fear of rejection, Helen now speaks confidently from her heart. She has trained hundreds of professionals and individuals to tap into the power of communicating from their heart by speaking up on stages, in the board room, and in everyday conversations.

Every Month, Access

-Two 50-minute individual coaching sessions via Zoom
-Monthly Group “Tuning” Session
-Access to Helen via email and Voxer
-Personalized Coaching folder with coaching notes, videos from sessions, and additional materials
-Bonus: Access to Make Your Voice Mean Business® online course ($199)

Empower your voice for as low as $537 per month

Your Monthly Investment:

If people need You... You need Helen Moses

Your Voice is Your Most Powerful Tool For Change

Included: Amplify Amplify Plus
Deep Dive Meeting
2 Amp-Up Trainings per Month
Monthly Tuning Session
Monthly Open Office Hours
Weekly Benchmark Check-ins
Make Your Voice Mean Business® Online Course
Capstone* Prep-session to prepare your monthly passion talk
The Monthly "Capstone Speakers Forum"
Exclusive Quarterly Expert Training Events
Speaking Feedback Opportunities
Private Mastermind Group
Participate in Monthly Communication Challenges
Total Value: $1,798 $3,973

Is it time to Unleash
Your voice?