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Tired of feeling uncertain, uncomfortable, or nervous
when you communicate?

Wish that when you spoke, people listened?


Ready to use your voice
with confidence and
clarity in any situation?

Your Voice Matters

Amplify is a groundbreaking six-week leadership course that helps participants learn and apply the skills that managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals need to get better results when they communicate, whether at home or in the office.

Helen Moses, TEDx coach and nationally recognized voice expert, will guide you through her proven exercises, trainings, and techniques in a safe environment.

Thrive in real-world settings by developing your powerful authentic voice:

Why does your "Voice" matter so much?

Your voice isn’t just how loud you are, though that can play a role in how you are perceived. Your “voice” is actually the combination of all the different aspects of you as a whole person and how you are valued, understood, or “heard” by those around you.

If it seems like you have to get visibly upset before others will listen to you, they’re not respecting your leadership.

If you get passed over for recognition or promotions for the hard work you are doing, they’re not valuing your voice…

Amplify your voice. Amplify your life!

It's time to Speak Up with Heart®

with Helen Moses Coach

Former speech-language pathologist Helen Moses worked with stroke and brain injury survivors who had lost the power of speech and language. Witnessing them struggle to communicate, she vowed to never take her voice for granted again.

Helen was once an authority-pleaser who worried about saying the wrong thing out of fear of rejection. She now speaks confidently from her heart. Helen has trained hundreds of professionals and individuals to tap into the power of communicating from their heart by speaking up on stages, in the board room, and in everyday conversations.

Empower your voice and start creating the impact you know you were born to make!

Next Class Starts 09/22/2022



Six live 90-minute coaching sessions

Learn and practice new skills in a safe environment with like-minded peers. Engage in practical activities with opportunities to answer your questions during each session.

Amplify workbook

Download this workbook and follow along with fillable sections to take notes and make it your own. Suggested opportunities for practice and growth between sessions are included for each week. ❤️

24-Hour Access to Private Online Community

Join an exclusive private Facebook group for Amplify participants and alumni to ask questions, receive support, and get feedback.

Communication Cheat Sheet

When emotions are high and a lot is at stake, use this handy guide to help you start critical conversations.

Helen’s Top Secret Guide for Influence

Learn how to apply this simple yet powerful formula to prepare for any conversation, no matter how challenging it may seem, and to position your message so that it yields immediate action.

Access to Amplify Video Vault

Access all recordings of Amplify sessions from current and past 6-week programs. See sessions you missed or watch again for review and practice.

BONUS: Make Your Voice Mean Business® Online Course

Discover the strength of your true voice with this on-demand video course full of practical speaking skills and a toolbox full of invaluable communication resources.




Next Class Starts 09/22/2022

If people need You, You need Helen Moses

Your Voice is Your Most Powerful Tool For Change

Is it time to
your voice?